A multimedia research project that combines data, stories, and images by and about young people.

SolArt collaborated with the UCLA Labor Center to interview and photograph young workers across Los Angeles. These audio snippets accompany their photographs and provide a peek into young workers’ lives.

See the exhibit on display at the UCLA Downtown Labor Center.

1 – Denise Bolden

1 - Denise Bolden

Denise is 28 years old and works in a retail…

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2 – Emmanuel Mayoraga

2 - Emmanuel Mayoraga

Emmanuel is 22 years old and works at a grocery…

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3 – Stephanie Temix

3 - Stephanie Temix

Stephanie is 19 years old. Because she got kicked out…

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4 – Calvin Retana

4 - Calvin Retana

Calvin is 23 years old. His mom couldn't work, so…

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5 – Benjamin Rodas

5 - Benjamin Rodas

Benjamin is 17 years old and works in fast food…

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6 – Stephanie Alejandro

6 - Stephanie Alejandro

Stephanie is 27 years old and has been working in the food…

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7 – Yoshawn Smith

7 - Yoshawn Smith

Yoshawn is 24 years old and works in food service.…

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